Abdul Aziz Mirza NI(M) S. Bt
Admiral (R)

Setting up of Cadet College Qutbal is yet another milestone achieved by Mr. Abdul Waheed Burdi. I am sure that this commendable effort will go a long way in making a positive contribution towards preparing our youth for the arduous task of nation building. Education plays a vital role in the development of nation states and establishment of institutions like Cadet College Qutbal is the need of the hour being in line with national aspiration.

Cadet Colleges, whether in the public or private sector, serve as nurseries for the armed forces of our beloved country as large number of Cadets that join the services’ academies emanate from these elite institutions. I am glad to know that Cadet College Qutbal has been organized on solid and wellestablished pattern of Cadet Colleges in the country. It is being equipped with the requisite faculty, labs, computer equipment and all other necessary where-withal. As such it displays substantial promise and potential to develop and mature into full-fledged Cadet College to match and compete in quality education with many such colleges in the country.

The constitution and composition of the Board of Governors and Board of Directors of the College appears adequate and the commitment, motivation and dedication of the Principal and faculty is impressive. I expect and pray that in the years ahead, Cadet College Qutbal churns out well-groomed and well-educated youngsters many of whom should make officers in our armed forces.

Wishing the College success in all spheres of activities.


Commodore (R)
Director Education & Training

My association with Air Foundation School System over the past few years has afforded me an opportunity to closely monitor, guide, and steer the affairs of this country-wide schools network. In the process, I have witnessed its growth and expansion, having gained maturity over a short span of time and won public acclaim due to solid contribution in the sphere of provision of quality education at affordable cost.
I can say with conviction that the latest project of Air Foundation, establishment of Cadet College Qutbal, will also prove to be a sure success on account of the fact that its management has vast experience and expertise in managing successfully two reputable Cadet Colleges in Murree Hills, namely, Cadet College Murree and Cadet College Bhurban.

The cadets will definitely find the expansive premises and lush green grounds of Cadet College Qutbal, very attractive and conducive to study in the serene environment. The College curriculum is designed to impart quality education to its cadets from grade four to HSSC level. Also, the college routine includes traditional activities pertaining to sports and drill for which adequate facilities are available. Such physical exposure under the watchful eye of trained ex-army personnel is an essential element in reputed Cadet Colleges to render the youngsters mentally and physically fit to join the armed forces of Pakistan, if they so desire, after going through the usual selection procedure.

It is reassuring to see that equal importance is being given to the development of our youth in terms of personal grooming, character building
and academic excellence.

I am confident that under the present able and skillful management the Cadet College Qutbal will soon become a center of excellence with
impeccable standards in the realm of both education and character building.


Group Captain (R)
Ch. Muhammad Munir

Quaid -e- Azam once said, “There is no doubt that future of our state will and must greatly depend upon the type of education in which we bring up our children as the future servants of Pakistan. What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generations.”

The establishment of Cadet College Qutbal envisages the fulfillment of Quaid’s dream. Creation of a Cadet College is in no way an easy task to
accomplish; it demands visionary leadership, sincerity of purpose, correct direction and lot of motivation to imbibe desired character traits among the tender Cadets at their tender age and fortunately all the above ingredients are amply available with us.

As Principal of Cadet College Qutbal, I want to assure the potential Cadets and their parents that all the requisite facilities including well educated and groomed faculty, equipment, laboratories, playgrounds and above all the residential area comprising excellent messing facilities have been made available which are second to none.

Keeping the Quaid’s vision in view, special emphasis will be laid on character building of the Cadets to make them future servants of Pakistan. Let me assure that all out efforts will be made to develop the youngsters into well groomed and well educated men of integrity through carefully crafted academic, co and extra curricular activities. I assure all the success to the college in the years to come.