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Our Strategies


The guiding principle from which Cadet College Qutbal derives its strength is our firm belief in the ability and unwavering commitment of present generation of youth. They have enormous potential to steer the country towards the destination for which it was created. At Cadet College Qutbal, we endeavor to harness this potential of the youngsters by imparting high quality education and character grooming in a wholesome, patriotic and invigorating environment.

Education is the basic ingredient that fuels the economic engine of a country. It will be unrealistic to expect that without a sound educational base we would be able to get out of the morass in which we presently find ourselves. Keeping this in mind, the management of Cadet College Qutbal is determined to provide the best possible facilities and a conducive atmosphere for preparing the cadets for their future responsibilities.

The faculty and management are cognisant of the fact that they have to work diligently to meet the expectations of the parents. The challenges before them are enormous. To give the cadets a solid academic grounding and inculcate in them positive character traits an elaborate training program has been drawn up. The faculty and allied staff work whole heartedly, round the clock, to achieve this cherished objective. It is envisaged that by the time the cadets complete their stay with Cadet College Qutbal, they will be fully equipped, both academically and physically as well as in terms of strength of character, to successfully discharge their duties as responsible citizens in a competitive society, be it in the armed forces of Pakistan subject to fulfillment of selection criteria or civilian hierarchy as may suit their particular individual talents..


To provide an educational facility which could help students in realization of their true potential through development of mental, physical and spiritual faculties, including leadership skills, to enable them to join the armed forces of Pakistan as cadets or enter prestigious professional seats of learning; the ultimate goal being the ability to shoulder their future responsibilities in a
befitting manner.


  • To provide a conducive environment for learning and achieving academic excellence.

  • To help develop strong moral fibre to stand firm in the face of hardships.

  • To imbibe leadership qualities through participation in co/extra curricular activities like debates, speeches, creative writing, and adventure sports.

Teaching & Learning Strategies

Through innovative teaching methods and strategies the cadets are exposed to a variety of learning experiences

These include:-

  • Lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Experiments

  • Group / panel Discussions

  • Presentations

  • Role Play

  • Study Tours

  • Workshops

  • Role Play