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The College gives prime importance to the medium of learning i.e. English language. Besides selection of modern text books, experienced English language teachers and regular classes of English subject; special classes are held regularly to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the Cadets through Modern IT tools, programs, methods and interactive sessions.


Sports are an integral component of Cadets’ routine. It keeps them fit and healthy. The College has engaged best coaches to train the cadets in various sports disciplines. Besides this, the college possesses vast grounds of Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton and Basket ball Courts etc.


The Cadets are evaluated twice in term examinations during the session and in the annual examination at the end of academic year. The results are recorded and sent to the parents for their knowledge. The college also follows a schedule of weekly and monthly tests as mentioned in the annual plan.


The Cadets attend various Leadership Conferences organized by the College partners. In these Conferences, the Cadets are provided an opportunity to interact with young leaders who have attained distinctions in various disciplines. Moreover, experts
on leadership skills also hold workshops, panel discussions and activities that help the Cadets to learn leadership skills.


The College has firm belief that cadets should be more responsible towards service to the nation and society, and voluntary work not only reaps fruits for the community but it helps the volunteers to gain a variety of experience while working in the field. Therefore, every Cadet would be engaged in voluntary work for at least 48 hours in a year for which he will be awarded
a certificate.


Highly motivated, qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty is engaged to impart the education. The College arranges training workshops / refresher courses to keep the teachers updated about modern teaching methodology and learning strategies.


The Cadets are engaged daily in morning parade, physical training and sports activities. Ex-armd forces personnel are hired to impart military training / drill to the Cadets.


At CCQ we believe that reading is essential to academic development. The cadets are encouraged to read books of their interest. A small but well resourced library with a variety of books on various subjects is established in the college which will grow with the passage of time.


The students are placed in various houses. Presently, three houses namely Jinnah House, Iqbal House and Roomi House are in place. Each house is looked after by a House Master. A homely environment is provided to cadets in the hostel.


Computer literacy is very much part of our education system. Therefore, a computer lab equipped with latest PCs is placed at the disposal of students along with instructor to enable them to use the computers efficiently to meet the emerging needs of educational


A modern language laboratory with PCs, Audio Visuals, Multi-media, Headphones and other tools of information technology is a distinguished feature of this college. The Cadets quickly learn language skills through our language teachers by using modern tools.


Fully equipped laboratories for students of science subjects of SSC and HSSC are available to carry out scientific experiments. The labs have an extended feature of practical learning for lower classes to learn concepts of various science subjects through models and materials.


The Cadets offer five-time Prayers daily in the masjid available within the campus.


A uniformed dress code is followed b y the Cadets. The Cadets are bound to follow the prescribed dress code in various activities of the college throughout the day. A list of uniform, clothing and stationery is sent to the parents along with joining instructions in order to bring uniformity and cohesion among the Cadets. The parents ae facilitated to purchase uniform kit, stationery items from the College Tailoring / Book Shop, on payment.


Candidates must be in good mental and physical health. They are required to produce a Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a Civil Surgeon / Medical Officer of the nearest Military / Government Hospital or a Registered Medical Practitioner.


First aid expert is available in the college round the clock. A physician also visits the college for medical checkup. The physician also attends the sick Cadets and patients are provided with essential medicines. However, in case of any emergency, which in the opinion of the doctor requires expert treatment on urgent basis, every effort shall be made to contact the parent and bring the case in their knowledge. In case of admission or surgery all the expenses shall be borne by the parents.

The parents / Guardians are encouraged to visit College to know the progress of their children and share their views/feedback on performance of the Cadets. They can meet the Principal, Vice Principal, Administrative Officer and teaching staff subject to
prior appointment. No unauthorized person is allowed to visit the college or discuss any matter regarding the Cadet.


Incoming calls are accepted only on Sundays between 9:00 to 16:00 hours. During rest of the week only emergency calls are entertained by the administration and messages are conveyed to the Cadets. In order to fully reap the fruits of residential cadet
college system, the parents are expected to avoid calling their children during working days.


The College Management has standard operating procedures to be followed during all the activities of the college. These procedures ensure safety of the students, teachers and staff. However, the college does not take any responsibility for any kind of accident /
mishap causing physical harm or injury to the Cadets during normal course of events.


In order to inculcate habit of controlled spending and meet some of the basic desires of refreshments, parents are advised to pay Rs. 300/- per week to their children. The Cadets are encouraged to spend withinthe authorized pocket money.


The Admissions are open for boys and candidates from across the country i.e. ICT, the Provinces, AJK, Gilgit- Baltistan, FATA. The children of overseas Pakistanis are The fee is required to be paid by Bank Draft, Pay Order, Crossed Cheque in favour of Principal Cadet College Qutbal. The name of the candidate / Cadet should be mentioned on the back of the Bank Draft/ Pay Order / Cheque.

An amount of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged in case of delay of fee upto 10 days. Thereafter the name of the Cadet is liable to be struck off from the college and may be re-admitted on payment of re-admission fee of Rs. 10,000/- subject to the recommendation of the Principal. No Cadet shall be allowed to appear in the term / annual exam until his accounts have been settled fully before the beginning of examination. also eligible. Admissions are based on merit which is determined through test and interview. The test is
conducted in: Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta and Multan.

However, for the poor and deserving candidates a limited number of seats are available on need-cum merit basis, subject to the availability of funds. The Admissions are open from class IV to XII. The admission form can be had along with prospectus from the
College Office on a payment of Rs. 1000/- in cash or through a Bank Draft worth Rs. 1200/- in favour of Principal Cadet College Qutbal. The admission form can also be downloaded from college website.


The right to make any change or amendment in the prospectus as and when required, without any prior notice, rests with the College Management. However, these changes will be brought into the notice of parents through circulars.